Why use Organic or Natural Paints in the Home

Thinking of painting your house or doing a spot of DIY? Well I was and I was searching the net looking for a good deal and I came across organic and eco paints.

My first thought was how can paint be organic? Isnt that for vegetables?

I did some more research and found that the term organic can be a highly misleading term when applied to paint so many companies dont use it and tend to use the term eco or natural instead. Unlike the food and textile industry, there is currently no legally defined standard or recognised certification scheme in place for organic paints just like soap pods (what are soap pods I hear you ask?).

It is possible for some organically grown plants to be utilised in the manufacture of some of the natural paints and to obtain organic pigments from some plants and insects, but these are not ideally suited to use in paint because they tend to fade.

It has been found that ingredients such as the solvents, acrylics and acrylic softeners used in most conventional paints are hazardous both to health and the environment as paints consist essentially of pigments (the colourant), the binding agent (which binds the colourant to the surface) and of solvents, (which keep the paint in suspension until applied). As the paint dries the solvent evaporates and leaves the dried paint on the surface. This process is the same with all paints.

But as the paint begins to dry, components called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air causing toxic air pollution (that nasty smell) and increasing your chances of becoming chemically sensitive. These and other chemical compounds can cause chest complaints, aggravate allergies, contribute to the greenhouse effect and pollute the environment.

Most paint manufacturers set out to make a paint that is non toxic and doesnt give off VOCs so it will be a safe paint for humans as well as environmentally safe. Unfortunately, research has found that most organic paints and components release VOCs.

The vital difference between conventional paint and eco/natural paints lies in using as many eco friendly and natural ingredients as possible as pigments, binding agents and solvents.

People should also look to buy paints made in their own country as not only does it reduce the pollution caused by the transport of the end products and sometimes the raw materials, it also supports a more local approach to buying goods and services.

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All That You Need To Know About Modular Homes

Such homes have been built in sections. Their construction takes place indoor in a factory setting. Hence, they are never subjected to adverse conditions of weather. These sections are made to move through the factory, where they undergo inspection step by step from the quality control department of the company. After the work is completed, they are covered to provide protection and then shifted to the home site.

They Help Save Money

It is quite possible that you can save money by building one. At times, the construction costs for such homes are less per square foot as compared to site built homes. They have several cost saving features incorporated. You need not worry about their strength as they have been constructed to be stronger than site built options.

Since they are energy efficient, it helps in reducing cooling and heating costs.

They Are Cost Effective

Such homes are indeed cost effective. Since their construction takes place in an efficient manner in which material wastes are minimized and time loss is greatly reduced, hence, their costs are low. Since materials are usually purchased in bulk by the manufacturer, it reduces expenses. The costs are then passed onto the costumer. Usually, a modular home is built with an average cost of 10-35 percent less as compared to a site built option.

They Take Less Time To Build

The time it takes to build a modular home depends on the manufacturer, the design and the contractor. However, they are mostly built within one to two weeks. They take less time as compared to on site built. This is because delays due to bad weather are avoided owing to factory setting. After the work has been completed in a factory, the project is then transported to the building site. After that, it takes around two to four weeks for completing the construction.

No Adverse Impact On The Environment

They are very environment friendly, and this serves to benefit both the environment and people. Being energy efficient, they help save money. They have been developed with well insulated walls. The construction materials used are sustainable.

They Are Well Constructed With A High Quality

Contrary to the misconception that modular homes are not well constructed as compared to site built homes, the construction takes place in ways that ensure that they turn out to be strong. In fact, these homes are made to withstand conditions that site built homes do not. They go through more inspections that site built options. This ensures a higher quality. Each and every step in the construction phase has been controlled and well supervised.

With all these advantages, it makes it more attractive to opt for a modular home.

Looking for a long-term, temporary or permanent facility to live or work? Modular homes could be the best choice to get a facility (building) in a short time span. If you are a start-up business such as restaurant or school, a modular building could expedite the growth of your business as its construction takes no longer than few days.

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Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets – A Look at Bamboo Cabinets

Selecting wood based products is harder these days since we want to find products made from sustainable produced raw materials. What can bamboo do to fulfill these needs? Can it really work for your kitchen decorating needs?

One of the main things we have to consider when choosing a wood species for any wood product is how it looks in our home. While making responsible choices for the environment is attractive, it loses some of its appeal if the final result is no the look we had hoped for. But bamboo can come through with the look that your to create the aesthetic appeal you are looking for.

Bamboo is grown in many areas of the world, but like any harvested products some growers are more concerned with using a sustainable process, while others are just in it for a fast buck. Some areas like Costa Rica have a fairly good record for sustainability in the overall process of growing and cutting of bamboo. Bamboo can usually be cut when it is about five or six years old. It is a member of the grass family, so it will grow back quickly.

Bamboo wood products are quite hard, harder than many conventionally used hardwoods like oak. After it’s finished it has good dimensional stability as well, so the smooth functioning of your cabinet doors and drawers will not degrade over time. Bamboo is so hard that its nickname is green steel.

As you may expect, many retailers for bamboo products have locations in California. But this is not just a west coast idea, and as their popularity increases it is easier to find retailers in other major cities like Chicago and New York.

There are a number of companies that will fashion custom bamboo cabinets for your home. In addition there are manufacturers who manufacture modular cabinet units in sizes that will fit most homes, so you can get a custom look for a much lower cost.

Bamboo cabinets will be a featured part of your home decor. These cabinets are good looking, you can get them in a variety of finishes, and because the wood is durable they will last for a long time, yet they come from a sustainable resource, so you can minimize the impact on our environment.

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Secrets to Saving Big on Utility Costs

The change in seasons brings a bit of a respite from harsh weather, but it is also a reminder that cooler (or hotter) days are fast approaching. This also signals a rise in the cost of utility charges for your home. Instead of freezing out your family this winter, why not try to reduce costs while staying comfortable? The following article shows you how, including tips on AC repair that will bring enlightenment on your part.

Secrets to Saving Big on Utility Costs

Want to know the secret to saving big on utility costs during extremes in summer or winter weather? Basically, small changes in habit that are performed consistently will yield big results over time. Here are some specific things you can do to lower your utility costs:

Seal up any leaks: Once you start inspecting your home for places where air can seep through, you will be surprised at how many places are in need of sealing. These may be door and window frames, foundation cracks, and even attic spaces.

Be smart about your thermostat: It is not enough to simply set your thermostat at a certain level. You also need to make sure that your thermostat reflects changes in temperature, as well as when the house is occupied. If no one is in the home for several hours each day, make sure that you set the thermostat to avoid paying more during these hours.

Don’t overtax your HVAC unit: Many people like to raise the temperature on their thermostat when they are on vacation. When they come home, they crank down the temperature in order to cool the house quickly. This will overtax your unit, and may result in it freezing up. Slowly raise or lower the temperature a few degrees every hour or so in order to avoid overtaxing the machine. Many people also like to save money by turning down the AC at night and opening up windows. If you do so, make sure that the unit is completely off.

Check out the outside unit: Many people tend to forget about their outside AC unit completely. The area surrounding the unit greatly affects the unit’s efficiency. If your unit is in the shade, it will be much more efficient, so consider planting shrubs around it. Do not allow obstructions or anything to touch the unit, though, or it may not work properly.

Have your AC unit routinely maintained: At the change of every season, you should be changing out the air filters in your HVAC unit. This will help the unit to run more efficiently, and will provide for a higher quality of air in your home. In addition, you should probably schedule a routine maintenance check on your HVAC unit at least once each year. Many people like to do this in the fall, right before it is time to turn on your heater.

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A Trendy Way to keep your House Cool

Imagine a scenario in which some person let you know that your companions never said it, however at whatever point you were all damp with sweat and rancid, they simply needed to flee from you like anything. You feel annoyed and disturbed understanding this sentence, isn’t that so? Try not to stress, this was composed just to make you understand how terrible would it be able to be for you and in addition for others in both the circumstances, be it you sweating and your companion nearby you or the other way around. The other situation, individuals don’t incline toward going by you amid summers. As yet pondering about what could be the purposes for these circumstances. The answer is straightforward; you don’t possess an aeration and cooling system. You did see this coming, isn’t that so?

Ventilation systems are no all the more something utilized for sheer extravagance purposes yet have turned into a fundamental need with regards to their day by day utilization. With best aeration and cooling systems accessible in the business sector, it is anything but difficult to browse contingent on your prerequisites.

A ventilation system serves the capacity of cooling as well as unquestionably adds to the excellence of our homes also. In the event that you have an all around kept up house with legitimate styling and shading mixes, yet at the same time not finished with a ventilation system establishment, you have different alternatives to investigate. ACs is these days accessible in standard hues as well as various shading plans also. You can have an additional favorable position on the off chance that you are wanting to style your home’s insides right now. You can investigate diverse alternatives and shading plans and plan as needs be for each room that you wish to have a ventilation system in. The scope of hues accessible for ACs furnishes you with lively and in addition unobtrusive shades and you have an opportunity to investigate and test more.

The amplest conceivable scope of aeration and cooling systems in spite of the fact that is accessible in shades of white and definitely adds class to our homes.

Styling and inside is a critical part however alongside that, there is a strict no bargain arrangement, with regards to choosing the components that are accessible in various ACs. The significant elements to search for when purchasing the best aeration and cooling system in India are double fan compressor innovation, inverter innovation and atmosphere control.

A cluster of different variables ought to likewise be remembered when purchasing an aeration and cooling system. A perfect aeration and cooling system ought to fit the measure of your room, at exactly that point will it have the capacity to convey the most ideal results. The atmosphere, size of the window, number of windows, heading of windows, measure of light going into the room, floor number, number of individuals staying in the room, number of lights and desktops in the room are only a bundle of couple of more things you can pay consideration on. Try not to stress, this just sounds troublesome when you read it, for all intents and purposes takes one moment to assess.

All things considered, the truth is that living without an aeration and cooling system is for all intents and purposes outlandish nowadays and when you have a lot of favorable circumstances joined to an AC, why not go and snatch one for yourself before the mid year heat takes a toll on you.

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Nobel Peace Prize Requirements

Nobel Peace Prize Requirements: The nobel peace prize depicts 3 naked men with their hands on each others shoulders and is awarded to those who “in the preceding year have conferred the
greatest benefit on mankind.”

Nobel Peace Prize Requirements: The Nobel Peace Prize is an international prize which is awarded annually by the Norwegian Nobel Committee according to guidelines laid down in Alfred Nobel’s will. The Peace Prize is one of five prizes that have been awarded annually since 1901 under the auspices of the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm for outstanding contributions in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace. Starting in 1969, a Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel has also been awarded.

Nobel Peace Prize Requirements: Whereas the other prizes are awarded by specialist committees based in Sweden, the Peace Prize is awarded by a committee appointed by the Norwegian Storting. According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize is to go to whoever “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. The prize includes a medal, a personal diploma, and a large sum of prize money (currently 10 million Swedish crowns).

Nobel Peace Prize Requirements: The Nobel Peace Prize has been called “the world’s most prestigious prize”. With the award to Al Gore and the IPCC in 2007, a total of 95 individuals and 23 organizations have been awarded the Peace Prize. The Prize is awarded at a ceremony in the Oslo City Hall on December 10, the date on which Alfred Nobel died.

Nobel Peace Prize Requirements: 1) The peace movement (leaders of the International Peace Bureau and the International Arbitration League); (2) Humanitarian work (Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, the Red Cross, the UNHCR); (3) International Organisations (UN agencies such as the ILO); (4)Disarmament (Alva Myrdal and Alfonso Garcia Robles, Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Conferences); (5) Statesmen (The largest group, including: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Willy Brandt, Henry Kissinger, Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin , Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and Willem de Klerk, John Hume and David Trimble); (6)Human Rights (Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King, Andrei Sakharov, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, the Dalai Lama).

Nobel Peace Prize Requirements: During the war the Nobel Peace prize was not given. Actually the years 1939-1943 there was no recipient. The year 1944 saw the International Committee of the Red Cross accept the prize. In the year preceding the war 1938 the prize went to Nansen International Office for Refugees, an organization authorized by the League of Nations in 1930.

Nobel Peace Prize Requirements: Extract from Alfred Nobel’s Will:

The whole of my remaining realizable estate shall be dealt with in the following way:
The capital shall be invested by my executors in safe securities and shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind. The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts, which shall be apportioned as follows: one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery or invention within the field of physics; one part to the person who shall have made the most important chemical discovery or improvement; one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery within the domain of physiology or medicine; one part to the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work of an idealistic tendency; and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.
The prizes for physics and chemistry shall be awarded by the Swedish Academy of Sciences; that for physiological or medical works by Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm; that for literature by the Academy in Stockholm; and that for champions of peace by a committee of five persons to be elected by the Norwegian Storting. It is my expressed wish that in awarding the prizes no consideration whatever shall be given to the nationality of the candidates, so that the most worthy shall receive the prize, whether he be Scandinavian or not.

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Why You Should Get a Water Softener

Most people dont realize this but the water that you use might not be good for you or your home. This is because most houses have what is called hard water. The minerals that make water hard are called calcium and magnesium. This is what causes lime scale to form in your house. Lime scale eventually clogs the inside your pipes and slowly destroys your water-based appliances. Dont worry though; you can get rid of those hard minerals by using a water softener. When you use a water softener youre trading the hard minerals ions with sodium ions. The end result is that your water turns into soft water. Some people would rather get a water conditioner in their home to avoid using salt but conditioners dont actually soften water. You can read water conditioner reviews to see what each one actually does.

What Hard Minerals Can Do To Your Home

Hard minerals in your water can actually cause lots of damage to your household. If you have ever took a shower or bath in someones house that has soft water, you probably felt much cleaner than you would at your own home. Now hard water doesnt only affect your home, but also affects you in many ways. The hard minerals cause your soap and detergents not to lather to their full potential. This can cause you to use two times as much, which over time ends up being a lot of money. Then every time you shower your skin and hair becomes dried out. If your hair seems to be working against you a lot this could be because of the hard water. Dont forget about the soap scum that appears on your shower or tub. The soap scum makes your house look rather dirty as well as feeling sticky. Anyone who likes a clean house should definitely look into getting a water softener.

Another negative effect of hard water is that the minerals calcium and magnesium sneak their way into the fabric of your clothes, towels, and sheets making them feel rough. Not only do your fabrics come out rough but your whites are less vivid. Both these problems can become very annoying, especially for people who are into fashion. If you are then I hope you like taking trips to the cleaners. You also have to worry about the water stains that show up on your dishes and many more surfaces.

How Does a Water Softener Operate?

You probably know the basics of how a softener works but let me go into detail. To start with, when water enters your home the first thing it does is go into your water softener. More specifically the water enters into your mineral tank by going through the control valve. Inside the mineral tank are countless amounts of resin beads that are covered with sodium. As the water flows through the beads of resin, the mineral ions which are negatively charged switch places with sodium ions that are positively charged. The salt is a stronger ion so it completely takes over the hard minerals. Not only does a softener remove hard minerals, but also removes other particles such as dirt, silt, and iron. Once it enters your home your water is much cleaner and is now known as soft water.

If you have decided to purchase a water softener or conditioner I recommend looking at different brands and their particular water softener reviews. With so many different options there is no need to be in a rush. Take time to find the one you like best as it can save you money and time in the long run.

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Fiberglass Shower Stalls

When you are in need of replacing your shower stall due to it being old or simply because it is not suitable for your requirements and you want to give an improved look to your bathroom then fiberglass shower stalls are the best options.At times you may need to weigh the options between bathroom shower enclosures and bathroom shower stalls. Shower enclosures are sold with only doors and tracking for the doors while bathroom shower stalls are free standing fixtures. If you want to utilize the wasted space as an alternative bathing resource, fiberglass shower stalls are great ideas which are free standing fixtures. Kits, floors, walls and all other components that are needed for installation are offered with these stalls.

To make a selection for your bathroom, various styles of fiberglass shower stalls are sold in the market. These light weight fiberglass shower stalls are not permanent fixtures and provide you flexibility.When renovating your bathroom, you can even place the fiberglass shower stalls in the basement and use. Permanent and solid grab bars for safety, seats and shelves are provided with the new shower stalls.

You can also find bathroom shower stalls made from acrylic but these stalls are little heavier than fiberglass shower stalls. It is easy to install fiberglass shower stalls. These are available complete with everything that you may need to install; only water pipes and drains have to be purchased or arranged separately. While purchasing fiberglass shower stalls, you can discuss your needs with the retailers and they will be able to assist you in choosing the right type of shower stall.

Various elements of bathroom shower stalls determine their cost, such as the design of stalls, material of construction, and size of the stalls etc. Although these stalls are not very expensive but when you buy custom built stalls these may be relatively expensive. You can get fiberglass shower stalls at lesser prices compared to the acrylic shower stalls. If you are installing shower stalls for longer usage, then acrylic shower stalls have the edge over fiberglass shower stalls.To make your bathroom look simple, fiberglass shower stalls are a good choice. In addition to fiberglass shower stalls, corner, neo angle and plain kits are some other types of stalls that are available in the market.

You have to first determine the style of fiberglass shower stall you are interested to install and then keep some budget aside for this purpose and search in the market to find the product at the best price. It will be better if you obtain rates for installation of these fiberglass shower stalls from some contractors. If you going to install fiberglass shower stalls for the first time, it will be somewhat overwhelming to you.

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Floor scrubber Los Angeles Who is better Advance or Tennant

Answering your Questions about Industrial Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers in Los Angeles, CA.

Q. What are the types of flooring cleaning equipment that I would want to consider?

A. There are basically 3 different types of automated floor cleaning equipment you will want to consider, depending on your application.
1. Automatic floor scrubber
2. Mechanical broom sweeper
3. Combination sweeper/scrubber

Q. What does a floor scrubber do?

A. It is a powered machine that distributes solution to the floor, agitates it with a set of brushes to loosen the soil or debris stuck to the floor and then picks up the solution and debris with a squeegee. It can be designed with 2 different types of brushes, one design is with disc brushes and the other is with cylindrical brushes. We will get into the advantages and disadvantages a little later in this guide.

Q. What is involved with a mechanical broom sweeper?

A. It is a powered machine that sweeps up loose debris on a hard surface, with a cylindrical broom, while controlling the dust in the process and then loads that debris in a trash hopper on the machine. It is best suited for dust, dirt, and bulky type of debris.

Q. What are the types of sweeper scrubbers available?

A. There are 2 types of systems to pick from on a sweeper/scrubber. The first type of combination machine has set of designated brushes doing the scrubbing and then a separate broom, doing the sweeping. A typical way to design the machine is to keep the sweeping portion in the front of the machine and the scrubbing portion in the back of the machine. The other type of design is having a pair of cylindrical brushes, do both the scrubbing and sweeping and the light debris is loaded into a small tray next the brushes.

There are 2 types of scrub systems to pick from when choosing an industrial floor scrubber:

Disc scrubbing brushes

They work great when you want the option of heavy duty scrubbing action and there is no need for any type of sweeping. They do really well on floors that have a lot of dips or waves in the floor because there is a lot more bristle contacting the floor. In case you were not aware, there is not a floor made, that doesn’t have some slight dips or waves to them.

You always have to sweep before you scrub, otherwise the debris will get caught in the squeegee and leave streaks in the floor.

Cylindrical brushes

They work great as a dual sweeper/scrubber, because the brushes can do light sweeping while it’s scrubbing and depending on the type of bristle of the brushes, you might get a little bit of a polish to the concrete you are cleaning.

They can sometimes miss the dips in the floor
due to the long brushes that are the unit and give you a inconsistent look on the floor. The cylindrical brushes are getting to be more popular due to less grease and grime on the floors that would require disc scrubbing. A lot of people don’t have time to sweep the floor before it gets scrubbed, thus
eliminating a separate step in the cleaning process and improving the overall productivity.

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How to replace a Termite Damaged Sill Plate

Termites can wreak havoc on the framing of your home or business. If you have caught and dealt with the infestation of termites before they have actually eaten the home to pieces from around you, and if it is still standing, here are a few hints on how to repair and replace the damaged framing. If the home is totaled from the termite damage, it may be time to read up on building a new home.

If termites have eaten into the main sill plate of your home it will be important to replace this sill plate. Did you know that until fairly recently builders were not required to use treated wood for a sill plate. If you happen to own a home that does not have a treated sill plate and termites have destroyed it, you will need to replace this damaged piece.

Install a temporary beam in the basement of your home. This beam could be made out of doubled 2x10s or 8s. Jack the temporary beam with either screw jacks, hydraulic jacks or just plain doubled-up 2x4s. You dont need to lift up more than possibly 1/16 of an inch or just enough to relieve the bearing weight that is on the offending member. This weight may consist of the exterior walls, roof and interior floor joists. If you have any questions on the jacking process it would be wise to consult either a professional contractor or engineer. Keep in mind if your home is brick a different method must be used.

Once the weight is off it will be time to remove the old sill plate. Keep in mind that sill plates are often bolted to the foundation. If this is the case it may be necessary to chisel out small sections at a time. This part of the procedure can be very time consuming, so make sure you dont get impatient and dont mind getting dirty. It may be necessary to use a sawzall with a metal cutting blade to cut the nails, just be careful not to let the sawzall blade poke holes in the exterior siding.

Once the old termite damaged sill plate is removed measure where the existing foundation bolts are located. Transfer these measurements onto the new sill plate and cut slots wide enough to allow the installation of the new sill plate.

Install the new sill plate, slipping it into the location of the old one. After it is in place use oversized fender washers, or washers that the engineer has specified, and properly sized nuts. Tighten up the nuts to snug the new sill plate into place.

After the sill plate is installed it will be time to remove the jack system and the temporary beam. Once the weight of the home is back onto the new sill plate, it will be necessary to nail all of the joists into the new sill plate. This procedure can be tough, especially in tight spaces. If you dont have a nail gun or if the space is to small to fit a nail gun, specialty fasteners may be needed and these can be specified by an engineer.

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