Passive Security Systems Provide Protection and Prevention How Window Bars and Security Gates Protect Better Than Alarms

When it comes to protecting your family or your business, you need the best security systems available. But there is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a massive, state-of-the-art alarm system. What you may not know is that so-called “passive security systems,” including window bars and security gates, are actually more effective at safeguarding your property than alarm systems.

Passive security systems are designed to prevent entry, keeping intruders out of your building by blocking windows and doors with security screens. And unlike burglar alarms that only activate after a prowler has entered your home or business, passive security systems stop them from getting into the building at all! Also known as burglar bars, passive security systems provide residential safety in marginal neighborhoods, protection for business inventory and infrastructure, and defense against theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

Most security experts recommend security bar installation for both windows and doors, especially those on ground level. These security precautions work best when all possible access points have burglar bars installed. Components of a passive security system may include some or all of the following:

Window bars

Security gates

Window well grates

Burglar bars

Keep in mind that security bars and grates dont have to be ugly or utilitarian in appearance. There is a wide selection of ornamental window gratings and door gates available to protect your home or business without compromising aesthetics.

Some homeowners have concerns about window burglar bars preventing exit during an emergency (like in the event of a house fire), but by law, all window security bars installed on sleeping spaces must have emergency releases. This enables you and your family to escape in an emergency, while still keeping intruders out of your house. Visit a local home security store or talk to your local burglar bar installer for information on the various window bar models and their emergency escape features.

One passive security measure that building owners frequently overlook is boarding up windows. Ideal for unoccupied properties such as foreclosed homes and vacant commercial spaces, window board ups prevent entry as well as broken windows. Be sure that you contract a professional window board up service, though; some contractors actually screw plywood directly into your window sashes, irreparably damaging them. A reputable window covering service will take measures to prevent injury to your windows for a safe, correct board up.

As our nation struggles through these difficult economic times, dont let your home or business become a target. Protect your family, belongings, and business by taking security precautions. By having security bars and window grates installed on your home or business, youre preventing thieves and prowlers from entering your building, unlike with traditional burglar alarms. Passive security systems are affordable and effective; stay safe and sheltered with security bar installation.